Free Patterns Decorative Crochet Coasters


Looking forward to finding a free crochet pattern for your new favorite roller coaster? I think we can help you with this!
It is the details that create the atmosphere and unmistakable beauty of the home. That’s why free crochet patterns are so important! Accessories that give warmth and style to the interior. It’s amazing how you can dramatically change your home just by playing with decorations! If you need a little change, it’s a good idea to consider items that look good and help your family in their daily lives.

Crochet Coasters

This set of round flower holders vibrates with positive energy and fresh charm! Do you feel We can certainly do that, and that’s why we admire the writer so much. If you are a beginner, you will definitely learn a lot and enjoy working with your own set of colors.

Lotus Coaster free pattern

Designs by Phanessa | Crochet Coasters

Lotus Coaster

Can a roller coaster be a work of art? tell me! This amazing set from Irina Mareeba features amazing colors and amazing stitching. This is definitely recommended for experienced crochet craftsmen, but keep it in your library.

Lotus Coaster Free Pattern (1)

Design by © Irina Maleeva | Free pattern on Ravelry

Mandala Coaster

Such a thick and durable underlay is perfect for morning coffee. By placing pink and green in strategic locations, this cute wavy design looks like it’s filled with tiny tulips! Rhondda Mol never fails us!

Mandala Coaster free pattern

Photo by by Rhondda Mol | Free Pattern on Ravelry

Kaleidoscope Crochet Coasters

Do you have time for an extended piece? Rather, try something quick and easy! These fun and colorful maintainers work very fast and are finished with scratch stitches. It’s original and very simple, isn’t it? Crochet 365 Knit Too rocks, undoubtedly!

Kaleidoscope Crochet Coasters Free Pattern

Photos and design by Crochet 365 Knit Too | info on Ravelry

Kaleidoscope Crochet Coasters

Happy Scrappy Coasters

A simple flowery coaster can be a detail that will brighten up every gloomy morning. Find scraps of yarn you have left from previous projects. It’s a great way to use them up! All you have to do now is follow the instructions of Hooked on Patterns. So simple, isn’t it?

Photo by © Ling Ryan

Free pattern Dainty Happy Scrappy Coasters

Source on hookedonpatterns  | info is on Ravelry.

Crochet Coasters for Fall with Free Patterns

Farmhemian Coasters

Are there any girls farmers among your dear readers? Or do you enjoy traveling to the countryside? I’m sure there are many people! With that in mind, we couldn’t stop sharing this amazing pattern from Cozy Nooks Designs. Its simplicity is very attractive!

Farmhemian Coasters Free Pattern

Source: cozynooksdesigns

Pumpkin Pie Coaster

Who doesn’t like pumpkin pies? We definitely do it all! It smells good and reminds me of a relaxing afternoon in the kitchen. This simple free crochet pattern for roller coasters will keep this souvenir forever! Rachel Cantrell is a genius!

Pumpkin Pie Coaster free pattern

Design by Rachel Cantrell | more info is on Ravelry.


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