Free Crochet Pattern Baskets


1. Zig Zag Belly Basket Free Pattern

The waistcoast stitch is one of the finest stitches for baskets since it strengthens the structure while also giving it a knitwear appearance. Create this trendy black and white design with a fun and unique form by mixing the colors. So fashionable!

Design by ChiWei Ranck

Zig Zag Belly Basket Free Pattern

Free Pattern and full info on 1dogwoof

2. Free Chunky Crochet Storage Tubs

Do you need additional space to store your yarns? This project is dedicated to you! You’ll get it done in no time, and your stuff will have a home.

Free Chunky Crochet Storage Tubs

Design by Phoebe Burt / free pattern on gathered

3. Jenna Stash Basket Free Pattern

When you crochet or knit a lot, it’s difficult to keep your yarn collection organized. It’s happened to all of us! Putting your yarns in a basket, like the one shown below, is one of the finest methods to keep your home neat and your skeins in place. It’s 14 inches wide, 6 inches deep, and 7 inches tall, and it’s quite strong.

Jenna Stash Basket Free Pattern

Design and photo by Toni Lipsey / Free Pattern on Ravelry

4. Siesta Key Basket

Baskets, particularly crocheted baskets, are essential for household organization! Baskets are here to save the day, whether you have a pile of extra yarn, cosmetic items, or kids’ toys. Furthermore, the knit stitch and single crochet are the only stitches you’ll need to know!

Siesta Key Basket free crochet pattern

Photo is by Andrea Weber/ / Ravelry

5. Hartfield Hanging Baskets

Perfect for storage and organizing, this adorable hanging crochet basket pattern. You’ll be amazed at how fast and easily these baskets come together. With the addition of a leather handle, you’ll have a magazine-worthy basket that will look fantastic in your home.

Design, photo by Jessica Underwood

Hartfield Hanging Baskets

These lovely hanging baskets in the photos below can transform your home into an Instagram shot in no time! They’re ideal if you need extra storage and want to make your life more organized. You’ll appreciate how fast and easily they come together!

Free pattern Hartfield Hanging Baskets

More info on stitching-together / Ravelry

6. Bear Basket Free Crochet Pattern For Beginners

This adorable bear basket is ideal for storing your WIPs (work in progress) and spare yarn. This stash basket is an excellent size for using as an organizer on a shelf or table, and it may also contain your finished projects or other notions.

Design and photo by Julia Chiang

Bear Basket Free Crochet Pattern For Beginners

Crochet baskets may be a lifesaver when it comes to keeping your kids’ nursery organized! For example, have a look at this beautiful bear basket in the photos below! Isn’t it just the cutest thing? It’s a great place to keep toys, baby necessities, books, and other little items! It’s an absolute must-have!

Bear Basket Free Crochet Pattern For Beginners2

More info on littleworldofwhimsy | Ravelry

7. Dotty Crochet Basket Free Pattern

This adorable crochet basket in the photos below is simply adorable! Take a look at it; the colors are stunning, and the small dots provide a contemporary and playful touch to the pattern that you’ll adore! It’s also a crochet craft that doesn’t require any sewing!

Photo by Ilaria Caliri (aka airali)

Dotty Crochet Basket Free PatternThis is a crochet craft that requires no sewing! Dotty’s basic granny square begins with a circle and transforms into a square before being connected with the crochet hook. It’s also appropriate for novices!

Dotty Crochet Basket Free Pattern2

Free pattern on shop.airalidesign / Ravelry


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