Free Crochet Hot Pad Patterns


These crochet patterns for hot pads and trivets will keep your hands and table safe. These patterns provide a variety of alternatives, ranging from simple single crochet to innovative and odd stitches. Some are solely intended to be used as a place to lay hot pots and pans, while others serve as hot pads for removing pans from the oven.

Wavy Hot Pad Free Pattern

The Crochet Wavy Pad is a wiggle or wiggly crochet square that is easy to construct. Crochet waves provide a ruffled look on a mesh basis. It’s an excellent way for creating a dishcloth, washcloth, hot pad, trivet, pot holder, and other items.

Wavy Hot Pad Free Pattern

Design by Naztazia | Free on Ravelry

Hot Pad Crochet Hexagon Trivets or Coasters Free Pattern

Because hexagon forms are so fulfilling, this trivet pattern is extremely enticing. Toni Lipsey’s free pattern employs puff stitch for a lovely texture, and you can create the tiny coaster form or the larger one for a handcrafted location to lay your warm dishes.

Hot Pad Crochet Hexagon Trivets or Coasters Free Pattern

Photo, design and free pattern on tlycblog

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