Flower Square Crochet Free Patterns


Little square tiles are incredibly popular in the crochet world, and I can see why: they are so adaptable and enjoyable to create! Little parts may be connected together or utilized individually, such as coasters. Any pattern may be easily encased in a square shape, and one of the most popular is flowers. This gorgeous theme may be interpreted in a variety of ways, depending on what you want to achieve. Three-dimensional artworks seem to be more graphic, whilst basic and flat ones look to be more dramatic. The colors chosen may either hide or accentuate the shape of the flower, and they are as significant as, if not more important than, the stitches.

Crochet Flower Squares may be used to make beautiful afghans, table runners, totes, and even toys, so choose your favorite and get crocheting! Links to free patterns are provided under the images.

Sunflower Granny Square Free Pattern

Hello there, buddies. Autumn has here; the air is crisp in the mornings, the days are still warm with a trace of summer, and the leaves are turning golden and falling off the trees. What better way to commemorate the end of summer and the start of autumn than with this lovely, cheery, sunflower granny square?

Sunflower Granny Square Free Pattern

Design by Lullaby Melodia | Pattern on lullabylodge | Ravelry

Desert Flower Square Crochet Free Patterns

Desert Flower Square Crochet Free Patterns

Design by Ana Morais Soares | Free on Here

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