Dragon Scale Fingerless Gloves Free Pattern


The stylish and fashionable handwear is fingerless gloves. They’re much more appealing as a part of your outfit because of their eye-catching hues and fascinating crocodile stitch. It will keep you toasty throughout the winter. Because they don’t have fingers, you can keep texting and snapping winter selfies while wearing them.

This free crochet pattern for Dragon Scale Fingerless Gloves shows you how to create Crocheted Fingerless Gloves using the crocodile stitch. The pattern is adaptable to any style. When you build up your gloves, you add your own unique touch. Thank you to the creators who have generously shared their free crochet patterns.

Dragon Scale Fingerless gloves by The Yarnivore UK

Dragon Scale Fingerless gloves by The Yarnivore UK

Photo by The Yarnivore UK | Free on Ravelry

Dragon scale gloves free pattern

Photo by Chittendenlaura95, Free pattern on Ravelry


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