Cute Overload Free Amigurumi Patterns for All Skill Levels


Amigurumi is a Japanese term for crocheted or knitted plush animals. Crocheted amigurumi are the most popular, and they typically employ the most basic of stitches as their foundation: single crochet. There are increases and reductions, color changes, and a few unusual techniques, but they are still enjoyable and simple to crochet.

Because most of them are little, they don’t need much yarn and can be completed in a short period of time. They’re great for playing with, displaying on a shelf, or even using as a keychain!

Amigurumi Spring Bunny Free Pattern

The spring bunny amigurumi is inspired by spring, blossoming flowers, and bunnies. All of these delectable treats are now housed in a bunny egg! The pattern has a skill rating of easy+. You’ll be able to get by primarily with single crochet. The shapes are basic, as is the sewing.

Amigurumi Spring Bunny Free Pattern

Design by Mari-Liis Lille | Ravelry

Sir Batwington The Bat Amigurumi Free Pattern

Have you ever wished to cuddle a bat? You will if you create this adorable little bat amigurumi! Sir Batwington is a great Halloween gift, but it’s also great for anybody who like these nighttime flying monsters.

Sir Batwington The Bat Amigurumi Free Pattern

Design and free on sweetsofties

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