Best Summer Child Cardigan Free Crochet Patterns


Here are some of the finest free summer crochet kid cardigan patterns for the end of the summer. Warm enough to keep the arms warm in the evening, yet light enough to be pleasant in the heat. These children’s cardigan patterns are simple and enjoyable to make, and the end result will be stunning. Additionally, if you want to engage your children, make them in their favorite colors and let them participate in the crocheting process. I’m willing to wager that this would be a big hit in your house.

Child Shawl Cardigan Free Pattern

This lovely children’s cardigan is ideal for a rustic, hippy-trippy appearance. Furthermore, the fringed border adds to the classic appeal.

Child Shawl Cardigan Free Pattern

Photo and Design by Ashlea Konecny | info on hearthookhome

Kaleidoscope Kids Crochet Sweater Free Pattern

This is a gorgeous cardigan. In reality, it’s a tiny version of an adult cardigan. The cut and texture will be a hit with your little lady. I believe that children’s clothing can be stylish without seeming like children’s clothing, and this one does just that.

Kaleidoscope Kids Crochet Sweater Free Pattern

Design by Jess Coppom | Free on makeanddocrew


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