Amazing Multipurpose Crochet Baskets


One of my favorite types of crochet crafts is making handmade home items. This is especially true when dealing with thick yarn – it knits up quickly! It’s time to create yourself a stockpile basket if you need extra storage (which I’m sure you need, because we all do!). The chunky basket is a simple craft that is suited for beginners.

1. Scrap Yarn Basket

Scrap Yarn Basket free pattern

Scrap Yarn Basket houseplant

Design by Cintia Gonzalez | Free pattern on Ravelry

This lovely scrap yarn basket is constructed entirely of yarn leftovers. It’s a great way to use up any leftovers you might have. Furthermore, it’s a fantastic stash buster for getting rid of unsightly yarn! A 9 mm hook can be used. It’ll look fantastic in your house!

2. Tofino Basket by Keke Grace

The Tofino Basket is the ideal size for storing your desktop essentials. It will blend in with any modern décor because to its rope-like bottom and natural colors.

This wonderful basket is the ideal size for displaying with other colorful items on your desk. It may be used to store pencils and other utensils, or it can be used as a flower pot. With the round basket, the completed dimensions are 4″ wide and 3″ tall; with the square basket, the finished dimensions are 4.5″ wide and 3″ tall.

Tofino Basket by Keke Grace2

Photo is by Keke Grace /

3. Crochet Teardrop Hanging Basket Free Pattern

This stunning teardrop basket is a wonderful addition to any house! You may display it on your wall and see how lovely it is. It’s also a wonderful addition for storing your laundry or cosmetic supplies!

Crochet Teardrop Hanging Basket Free Pattern

Design by Moira Durano-Abesmo / Free pattern on ravelry

4. Creative Slouchy Hanging Baskets

If you’re looking for a place to store all of your yarn, this basket will be ideal. Furthermore, it has a really modern appearance, making it an excellent wall decoration that you will like. Crocheting is also a lot of fun and simple!

Design by Alexandra Tavel

Creative Slouchy Hanging Baskets

These baskets have a slouchy, casually stylish vibe about them that I really like. Their distinctive form and loose silhouette make them both comfortable and fashionable at the same time! These baskets are both spacious and practical. They can hold a lot of stuff and look wonderful in any part of the house, including the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and even the bathroom, depending on how much you fold them in.

Creative Slouchy Hanging Baskets2

Full info on twoofwands / Ravelry

5. Free Crochet Planter Pattern Teddy Bear Pot Cover

This adorable basket would be an excellent project for eager beginners. It will be ideal for storing children’s toys and keeping the nursery tidy.

Design by Caitie Moore (Thoresby Cottage)

Free Crochet Planter Pattern Teddy Bear Pot Cover

Crochet this sweet little bear basket that also doubles as a pot cover. This planter was knit using 4 ply yarn (fingering to sport weight), but a strong cotton will work just as well.

Free Crochet Planter Pattern Teddy Bear Pot Cover

More info on thoresbycottage / Ravelry

6. Teardrop Hanging Baskets Free Pattern by Sweet Softies

This adorable basket would be an excellent project for eager beginners. It will be ideal for storing kids’s toys and keeping the nursery tidy.

photo by Sweet Softies

Teardrop Hanging Baskets Free Pattern

It’s a quick, simple, and seamless crochet project that can be completed in one piece without the need for stitching. It may be hung on a knob or a hook thanks to the loop at the top.

photo by SterlingWinterset Flickr

You can put anything in this handy small container, including trinkets, potted succulent plants, and even your little amigurumis. Sir Batwington, for example, considers the Teardrop Basket to be a very comfortable place to live!

photo by sonironi

Teardrop Hanging Baskets Free Pattern4

I adore this yarn and had a lot of fun making the Teardrop Baskets with it! I was able to quickly incorporate some wonderful structure and definition into my baskets thanks to the sturdiness of the yarn.

Teardrop Hanging Baskets Free Pattern3

More info on sweetsofties / Ravelry

7. Sweet Snuggles Bear Basket

Keep your children’ nursery tidy and organized with those cute bear baskets, which are extremely simple to construct and your children will adore. This is the ideal project to keep you occupied on those idle evenings.

Sweet Snuggles Bear Basket

This bear isn’t going to hibernate for the winter; instead, he’ll be around all year to keep your nursery or playroom neat and orderly. He’s made of Sweet Snuggles™ and lined with craft foam to make him robust enough for everyday usage.

Design by ChiWei Ranck / info on michaels



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