5 Wonderful Free Crochet Square Patterns


Do you want to learn how to make crochet square patterns from the foundations and fundamental crochet stitches? Then you’ll love this selection of crochet square patterns. All of these crochet square patterns are simple and quick to create; the goal of this series is to provide you access to a fantastic collection of extremely beautiful and useful patterns with just a single click.

1. Square Flair Blanket

This lovely crochet wrap provides a warm welcome as well as a variation on the popular granny square pattern. The stitchwork is easy to memorize and entertaining to crochet, and it’s done in our luxurious Bernat Blanket. Working in the round, double crochet, single crochet, and chain stitches are all covered in this beginner-friendly pattern. It’s certain to become a cuddly favorite in the family room, bedroom, or anyplace with big tassels!

Design by Yarnspirations Design Studio

Square Flair Blanket free pattern

Free pattern on Ravelry

2. Free Crochet Granny Square Market Tote Pattern

This market tote is made with a traditional granny square motif for a stylish and durable look!

Free Crochet Granny Square Market Tote Pattern

Chains and double crochet stitches are used to create this pattern, which is knitted in connected rounds. After making three independent granny squares, you’ll use the JAYGO (join as you go) technique to connect them all together!

Free Crochet Granny Square Market Tote Pattern2

Photo and design by Salena Baca / Ravelry

3. Free Crochet Square Bottom Tote Bag Pattern

Free Crochet Square Bottom Tote Bag Pattern2

Design and photo by Lindsey Dale

I adore crochet patterns that appear to be more complicated than they are. The square bottom crochet tote bag is a perfect example of this. This bag begins with a basic solid granny square and ends with a bag that is suitable for on-the-go in just a few rows of decreases.

Free version on windingroadcrochet / Ravelry

4. Free Crochet Continuous Granny Square Shrug Pattern

Did you know that a standard o’ll granny square may be crocheted into a shrug? You’ll learn how to crochet a continuous granny square motif and how to sew it into a warm cocoon cardigan with this pattern. The name of the game with this cardigan pattern is beginner friendly. This is a fantastic project to start with if you’ve never crocheted a wearable garment before.

Free Crochet Continuous Granny Square Shrug Pattern

Design and photo by Michelle Greenberg

Free Crochet Continuous Granny Square Shrug Pattern2

Free pattern on Ravelry / Youtube

5. Hyacinth Granny Square Crochet Pattern

The red heart super saver yarn and (h) sized crochet hook were used to create this adorable crochet square pattern. You may crochet blankets, pillow covers, and other crochet items by working on various squares separately and then stitching them together.

Hyacinth Granny Square Crochet Pattern

This blanket is ideal for enhancing the beauty of any house due to its remarkable texture and the presence of a significant crocheted hyacinth blossom.

Hyacinth Granny Square Crochet Pattern2

With these wonderful crocheted hyacinth flowers, you may have magnificent blossoms all year! You may use these huge and vivid afghan squares to adorn all throughout the house since they mimic the form, appearance, and color of genuine hyacinths. They’re ideal for producing blankets, cushions, and even tote bags. The options are limitless!

More info free pattern on craftykittycrochet


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