4 Cute Crochet Cat Hats


There are so many designs in Crochet Cat Hats and one of them is making a cute cat head shape. Besides being cute, attractive and adorable, this cat shape hat keeps you warm and is easy to make. Here I collect 4 various shapes of cute cat hats for you, please choose and make as you like.

1. Black Cat Hat

Cute black cat with yellow eyes, white ears and whiskers. For those of you lovers of black cats can make the same as this, as for the color can be changed as you like.

black cat hat crochet

Designer by Sarah Zimmerman |© Repeat Crafter Me

Tutorial and pattern her Black Cat Hat Crochet

2. Cute and Easy Cat Hat

This crochet pattern is perfect for battling cold winds because there’s an extra flap to tie it together. The top of the hat has a cute and memorable little cat.

cute and easy cat hat crochet free pattern

Pattern by Janaya Chouinard | Photo: Charmed By Ewe

Tutorial Here: cute and easy cat hat crochet free pattern

3. Cat Hat Patterns for Ages 6-Adult

If you have children or siblings aged 6 years or older then this is the right choice. This cat hat crochet patter is very cute and will be even more adorable if you put it on your child’s head.

gray cat hat and pink crochet for 6 adult years old

Design by © Linda Wright | Tutorial Here Ravelry

4. Halloween Black Cat Hat

This crochet cat hat is cute black and orange on the bottom brim and a small bow on one of the top ears. Very cute and attractive to protect and warm your child’s head, perfect for complementing Halloween costumes

Halloween black cat hat and orange

Designer by © Erangi Udeshika | Tutorial Here Halloween Black Cat Hat


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